View Full Version : wrong disk... it used to work

16.01.2004, 14:29
Operating System: window xp
Burning Software: clone cd
Anti-virus Software: norton
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.43

i have a .bin file and i've been using it for like a week. and then suddenly

after i reinstalled it, it said wrong disc, please make sure if the cd is in the rom. and i've tried it over and over for like 100 times but kept on coming up with the same message. Could u tell me how to fix this?

The cd worked when it installed but when i played it.. never works..
kept on saying

Wrong Disc Inserted. :(

17.01.2004, 02:00
same questions as always:

which program was used to create the images, which settings.
Which Game you want to run? Name? Protection (if already known)?

Please help us! We need more info

20.01.2004, 23:21
the wrong disc problem still occurs but i solved it by using a crack.

it work when i install it.. but never was able to play it..

so i downloaded the crack and now it works... more BETTER

thanks anyways. :D