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16.01.2004, 19:41
This may be a strange question, but I was wondering if it were possible to mount multiple images as one virtual drive under Daemon Tools. What can this be used for?

Well, it seems that most people mount backup images of CDs, but then it doesn't mean that you can't just mount images of hard drives as well. So, let's assume, in the rare circumstances that I have 2 hard drives in striped raid format, and I create images of the drive seperately, which means I'll create 2 images that by themselves will actually not work. This is turning to be a rather weird question after all. But then, would it be possible to mount the 2 images simultaneously with DT to create the one original drive, except in read-only format.

That may be one possibility, but actually, what seems to be more practical is mounting 2 images at once so instead of having data sprawn accross two drives, you have all the data in one virtual drive. This is, of course, considering there are no duplicate files/file names/etc. So, say I backed up a bunch of my data from my hard drive onto multiple CDs and want all the CDs/ISOs to be able to coexist in one contingent virtual drive for better searching.

Its okay, if someone says this idea is just out there.....but its just been bothering me, that's all.

17.01.2004, 00:42
Functionally, virtual drive is same as your real CDROM drive.
Can you explain me - how would you insert 2 different CDs into one real drive and, what is more funny, let Windows recognize them? :)

17.01.2004, 18:45
...perhaps that the data of both CDs are mixed:

File 1
File 2
FOlder 1


Now what as he wants: (all together)
File 1
File 2
FOlder 1

Just an idea :idea:

17.01.2004, 18:55
Well, if it just goes for files, just create an image with e.g. UltraISO with all files in it - or copy all files to hdd folder, and use subst command.
Daemon Tools' virtual devices are like read cd/dvd drives - so nothing else is possible, as VeNoM mentioned.

18.01.2004, 00:15
Virtual drive works on sector (not file) level.

18.01.2004, 09:01
hmmm......well, I may have mixed up the functionality of Daemon Tools, since a virtual cd/dvd drive is still a drive, but since its virtual it shouldn't be constrained to size.

What I'm interested in doing, specifically, is to use multiple isos stored on multiple computers connected via internal network and mounting all those isos into 1 virtual network drive capable of being access by all computers. Of course, this drive will still be read-only, but then it would become more than just a cd/dvd drive. So, a user on computer A can access the data in the iso on both computers B and C through the same virtual drive letter without having to mount or un-mount any images.

So, since daemon tools could create virtual cd/dvd drives, I was assuming that it could create a virtual read-only hard drive.

18.01.2004, 09:05
Sorry, forgot to read the reply about the working on sectors not file.

That would mean that to actually mount multiple images as one drive would call for some sort of sector offset for accessing the second, third, and so forth images.

Of course, this is just a pure brainstorm, which may or may not have technical merit or practicality in some senses, but was just wondering.

19.01.2004, 01:18
You can make a local dc++ hub, and have dc++ sharing your files in all pc's... it is good for search them and so... :lol:

What you want is not job for Daemon Tools...
Daemon Tools emulates a CD by its image, without touch (change) at the cd file system... and what you want is something that generates a new file system on the fly based on all what you want to merge...

19.01.2004, 03:04
It is theorectially possible via special plugin, but you need then generate ISO table on the fly, and of course after every new file arrives then regenerate it and remount to let Windows know that media has changed.

19.01.2004, 08:20
I see.......guess it would be quite a hassle...

oh btw.....what is dc++?

19.01.2004, 08:27
Nevermind, found out what DC++ was through a google search. Its not exactly what I had in mind, but I think I've had all my questions answered here.

Thanks for all the helpful thoughts and comments/clarifications. :)

05.12.2006, 11:22
Hi !

I have something to add here.

I have used some software to rip some DVDs and in some casses there are two images created (if they are bigger than one DVD) (*.I00 and *.I01 and I think mds file). I can load this image ok (by loading this 3rd file), but problem is that I come to a cartian point in image (where both images are split) I can't see anything anymore and dameon image is reset. Can someone take a look at this problem, or does someone idea what I can do with this. I am using x64 bit of windows, and at this time version 4.08.

Does anybody have any solution?


05.12.2006, 18:28
What software did you use to create the images? Have you tried recreating the images with another program? Is this a movie, game or data DVD?