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13.03.2008, 21:51
If I got this right, strings 482, 483 and 484 - KB, MB and GB are used in setup ? Anyway...

When I install the new version 4.12.0221, the setup shows me that it needs 14.7 KB free space !!! And that i have free 16 MB. I have 16 GB ! The setup starts in Romanian. I checked in the translation and the above strings are just like in English.

Where's the problem ?

A personal opinion - let the user decide what language to use during setup ! Recommend the one you want but let him/her decide.

OK, this is the first one.

The second one involves some Romanian characters not displayed correctly. See the attached image. I sent you (support) information about this problem a few months ago but received no reply/explanation... This bug (if it is a bug) is present in DT Pro too but not in DT Pro Agent !

Trust me, for a Romanian reader/user this is annoying.

I posted this here in the translation forum because I don't know if the problems are from my translation or from DT Pro.

Everything in this post was written with good intentions. Please keep this in mind...


13.03.2008, 22:04
Thx for the info.

Setup selects language which user have selected in DT. If you haven't installed any multilanguage version of DT yet, you are prompt to select a language.

The display issue is a bug and will be hopefully fixed with next version.

13.03.2008, 22:26
I'd like to add a thing. When you run setup exe file, it starts with O.S. Language (in my case Italian) while License Agreement still remains in English. Maybe it would be a good idea to translate also License Agreement into each own language.

Please someone could tell me if this could be a good tip or not. I would really appreciate it (and sorry for my english).

14.03.2008, 07:37
Thanks for the fast reply.

Thx for the info....
I understand that the setup starts with the language you have selected in DT Pro. I still keep my opinion that the user should select what language wants to use during install.

The display issue is a bug...
Are you referring to the KB/MB issue or the characters being displayed wrong ?

And of course the license should be translated in the future.


16.03.2008, 10:05
Just wanted to add that the setup bugs/isues reported from the DT Pro setup are present in the Lite setup too.