View Full Version : Lockup when mounting image.

17.01.2004, 00:14
Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Professional Version 2002 Service Pack 1
Burning Software: Sonic RecordNow DX Version 4.60
Anti-virus Software: NONE
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.44

My problem is when I try to mount an image on a diferent drive letter than C:\

Since I only have two harddrives (c:\, d:\) I can only test with these. When I mount an image from c:\ it works perfectly but when I mount an image from d:\ deamon tools hangs and soon after the OS as well.

The strange thing is that when I am using deamon tools of version 3.16 and earlier I can mount images from both drives without problems. I have tested with version 3.41, 3.43, 3.44 and I was unable to mount images from d:\ drive with these versions, but when I moved an image to c:\ I could mount it without problem.

I should mention that my c:\ drive is MAXTOR 250 GB seriel ATA/150 drive and my d:\ is a MAXTOR 160 GB IDE ATA/133 drive that runs on PCI controller card. I would first think it had to do with my controller card but since it works with deamon tools 3.16 I'm unsure.

17.01.2004, 09:41
Please check, if an update for your controllers is available.
We're working on the issue, but some users got it working with a driver update.