View Full Version : B6T Files & Daemon Tools

15.03.2008, 22:16
I have Daemon Tools Pro 4.10.0218 installed.

I have a bunch of files B00, B61, & B6T. Which I never knew about till a couple days ago. Mounted the B6T files with Daemon Tools and it worked great. I moved the files to a new folder (organizing) and when I try to remount the B6t files Daemon Tools crashes.

This has happened with 2 different B6T files. I don't understand, and then I extracted the same B6T files from where I got it to see if it will work again, now Daemon Tools still crashes but says Out of Memory or something to that effect.

Any ideas?

16.03.2008, 08:55
Update to latest DT Pro.

16.03.2008, 09:43
Maybe try mounting the files with daemon tools lite latest version? This could help pinpoint your issue.