View Full Version : language DLLs will be ignored now! Use ONLY new online translation system

15.03.2008, 23:53
Dear translators,

please keep in note to not send your translation dlls through the special link anymore. We will ignore sent DLLs now.

Please use online system to change your translation. If you haven't got the link to online system, don't hesitate to write me a message through private messaging system.

16.03.2008, 12:51
blaz are the strings based on the latest dt translation? will there be astroburn too? or are the strings mixed? i have looked bt dont see new ones. you are too fast :P ;)

16.03.2008, 12:55
Yes they are based on the latest translation, the devs take the translated strings from online system.

DT and Astroburn strings are not mixed. Also we are in DT section and not in Astroburn section ;). So far i don't know when online system of Astroburn is up, but it should be planned (a guess from me and not a 100% info).

Yes, yes, i know i'm fast ;)

18.03.2008, 14:32
Dear Sir,

I would like to improve the language of CHINESE Translation for v4.12, please provide the link of online system to us, thanks!

P/S. Sorry, I have no "pm" privilege.

18.03.2008, 17:02

Please visit this (http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/join-translator-team-t18627.html) thread and do what is written there.

26.03.2008, 00:01
Please approve me to join the "DAEMON Tools TRANSLATOR" group.

26.03.2008, 12:29
Are Astroburn language DLLs still accepted via the original link?

26.03.2008, 14:10
Sure. I think so.

28.03.2008, 10:56
Also I want to Translate Turkish.. I will be glad to translate it

15.05.2008, 18:11
I would like to provide the language of CHINESE Translation for v4.12.3 & "ISO Maker" plugin , and still waiting for approved by group leaders to join group, thanks! :confused: