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16.03.2008, 03:48
not long ago i have noticed a new phonomena that when
i restart the windows when the restart process reaches
the windows window the one with the orange cubes running
there is a few seconds delay it's like the picture preezes for
a second or two before this page can move on to load the windows now for a long time i thoughet it might have something to do with the nvidia driver i'v installed but now i know for a fact that the problem is cause by the sptd.inf file in c:\windows\drivers directory and i know it for affect because i have just finished reinstalling windows and i didn't have that problem after installing the nvidia driver it started after installing daemon tools so i'v uninstalled daemon tools
(lite version)and deleted the sptd.inf file from drivers directory and the problem was solved(by the way i'v installed and uninstalled the latest daemon lite version that is currently on the site)

so if you can fix this problem in the next version i would really appriciate it and thanks in advance.:)

p.s i never had that problem in earlier versions prior to 1.55 sptd and perhaps not even in newer versions.

16.03.2008, 10:07
Sorry to hear about your problem. You need to remove one more file (sptd.sys) and the corresponding registry key. Removing just the INF might not be enough.

Here are the proper instructions for removing SPTD:

You are able to download the setup program from the web:

To remove SPTD, simply download SPTD setup file "SPTDinst-v156-x86.exe (http://www.duplexsecure.com/download/SPTDinst-v156-x86.exe)" for Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista (32-bit) [904,176 bytes] and execute it.

In dialog that appears press "Uninstall" button and then SPTD will remove itself from your Windows installation.

If you want to install it again then execute the same setup file and press "Install".

You are not able to download the SPTD setup program from the web or your system won't boot manual instructions:

manual uninstall

If you have extreme errors using both of those methods you can use a tool called SPTD Deleter. You can download the SPTD Deleter tool from the following post, look for "Download link".


16.03.2008, 10:49
more thureghly and discovred that the problem go back to further then i thoughet to sptd 1.53 in sptd 1.50 the problem is barely noticable but in every new version it seem that the driver become slightly heavier and the problem more noticable i guess my computer is a bit to slow for the new versions of sptd (p4 2.8 prescot C0 Processor+512mb 400mhz winxp sp2 hebrew)

so i guess i wan't keep this softwere on my computer on a regular basis not even version 4.10 sptd 1.50 i'll just install/uninstall according to need and as for the previous reply removing the sptd from the registry is not neccesery becaue just deleteing the file seem to fix the problem and
just adding him again bring the problem back and i have only recently finished installing windows after full format and the problem was caused after first installion of sptd 1.56

thanks for your help any way.:)

16.03.2008, 11:58
Then could you contact developer of SPTD (www.duplexsecure.com) about this issue.

16.03.2008, 12:18
hope they would fix this problem.:)

17.03.2008, 13:07
In case you are waiting for the support answers, please, use stops and punctuation marks in your text, as it is impossible to understand its content.

19.03.2008, 06:02
with link directing them to this thread but no answear so far
so i guess i'll just do what i said install the softwere only when i need it and uninstall it when i don't need it it's the best possible solution any way.:)

and beside i'm sure they know that loading this driver at windows boot is slowing down the loading process it's a
pretty have driver after all.