View Full Version : Internal setup error. Error code : 10001

17.03.2008, 14:30
Installing the latest Deamon software version I got the below mentioned errorcode. I still get the same error as I try to install InstmsiA.exe on my Windows98 in VM.

Internal setup error. Error code : 10001 . Contact support.

I am stuck.:confused: Maybe someone can give me a hint what to do next.

17.03.2008, 17:05
Are you installing DT 3.47?

18.03.2008, 09:20
I have installed DAEMON Tools Lite Version 4.12.2

18.03.2008, 11:25
I have installed the 3.47 version of deamon and this is working fine.

Thanks for the help.

19.03.2008, 02:42
DTools v4 and up use SPTD, which requires a minimum of Windows 2000. Hence, the error message you received.

23.03.2008, 15:28
Hi all,

I had the same error with the mentioned version after upgrading to Vista X86 Ultimate SP1 and then also upgrading Daemon tools to

You have to DEACTIVATE not only Avira or whatever you have as Virus Protection, you also have to DISABLE realtime scan in Windows Defender which is per se installed on all Vistas.

I disabled Defender and whooosh it installed as usual

Hope this fixes yours too ;)

Happy Easter