View Full Version : Windows Vista Problem, with 3.47

18.03.2008, 18:42
Hi, I've recently installed the 3.47 version of Daemon tools on my laptop...
but when the installation finished... it showed me the 'Windows Blue Screen'... so, I've rebooted my system and when Windows opens... it installs a driver, without finishing the installation... windows re-shows the blue screen...
I've tried the 'Safe Mode'... but no solutions..
can anyone help me because I can't directly access my system, but only for max 15 sec...??

Sorry for my bad English...

18.03.2008, 22:09
3.47 is NOT designed for vista..

18.03.2008, 22:39
Manual removal procedure:

15.07.2009, 14:05
I have the same problem at the moment, my laptop is unavailable and I need it for my work. The link is no longer working and I cannot acces my computer to manually remove anything.

I cannot run any form of safe modes nor do I know much about computers.

Please help me with this as soon as possible.

Regards, Jelle.

15.07.2009, 20:32
Updated link: