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22.03.2008, 09:55
By starting up my Laptop, the first message is a Daemon error message
e:\Error, Probleme\Daemon\error_1.jpg
(as I am unsure if I inserted my image correctly in clear text)

Daemon Tools
Failed to add notification icon, error 0!
I don't know what kind of mistake did I make and how to correct it. it is very disturbing, that every time I switch on the computer, the message comes. Can you give me a hint, how to correct it.
Thank you in advance and
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22.03.2008, 15:17
You can't reference an image on your hard drive. You have to upload it to an image sharing service online.

22.03.2008, 15:27
Could you tell us your installed Daemon Tools version plz? If it's not Daemon Tools Lite 4.12.2 or Daemon Tools Pro 4.12.0221 then upgrade to that version and check if error still occures with these latest versions.

22.03.2008, 22:14
Thank you very much for your help, I installed Version 4.12 and now it seems to work O.K.

Best regards