View Full Version : Are there any SD2.9 games still blacklisted?

18.01.2004, 10:10
Well, in particular Freedom Fighters (Spanish version) crashes at ~DF394B.TMP everytime I try to run it from the virtual drives. The image works fine when burned and it also worked when dumped directly from the virtual drive and using H&H virtual CD. It seems to check for some registry keys but even renaming them temporarily (it seems to check something in the 'parameters' subkey) doesn't fix it.

I've only found the problem with this particular title. Every other SD titles that I tried worked fine.

20.01.2004, 07:25
I''ll contact you concerning this when new beta is ready. Thank you for information.

20.01.2004, 17:43
As an update, now it doesn't work with any emulator, I can only run it from the original CD or the backup. Additionally, I had a hard time with H&H virtual CD, it couldn't even uninstall without crashing the system. Finally, I needed to remove it manually.

21.01.2004, 04:23
Btw, many emulators are blacklisted long ago. So try it too with only Daemon in system, no luck?

21.01.2004, 20:18
I didn't have any other emulators installed that could cause conflicts (other than the mentioned); but I had other unrelated problems and reinstalled XP; that solved this problem too, so maybe there were some left over registry keys that caused it. Anyway, I wouldn't be surprised to find that this version of the SafeDisc's guard module is buggy, because no other games were affected at all.

22.01.2004, 06:35
JFYI: H&H virtual CD is blacklisted by many protections.

25.01.2004, 11:08
Thanks for the info; I never planned to use it or even leave it installed anyway, I don't like it at all and it's very buggy.