View Full Version : Autorun and Daemon

23.03.2008, 09:57
I used Daemon on my friend's computer for a program and when he mounted the .mds file the program's autorun opened. When I tried it on my own computer, the autorun didn't open and none of the setup or autorun worked when I tried to open it. Could this be a problem with the program/file, my computer, or Daemon between our two computers are different?

23.03.2008, 12:24
Autorun is just disabled on your computer.

Please activate auto insert notification in virtual device parameters through Daemon Tools tray icon.

27.03.2008, 15:06
After you do what Blazkowicz suggests if it still doesn't work you can use this:
Autoplay Repair Wizard (http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=C680A7B6-E8FA-45C4-A171-1B389CFACDAD&displaylang=en)