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25.03.2008, 08:48
Daemon Tools Pro Advanced Edition 4.12.0220 was initially working well after I installed it under Windows Vista Ultimate 64-Bit. I was able to add in numerous disc images using the graphical front end that comes with it. After a few weeks, I was no longer able to open the front end. I'd get a splash screen that said "License Verification..." and then it would hang at that point. I also noticed that when this began happening, the disc-soft.com Web site was apparently down or not functioning. I became busy with other matters for a couple of weeks, and today I tried to use DT Pro once again, but was met with the same problem. This time, the disc-soft.com site was reachable. I logged into my account on the site with my customer number and password and saw that a new version was available (4.12.0221). I uninstalled the previous DT Pro and installed this new version. Now the same thing happens as before, but after a few moments I also get a message box that simply says "The parameter is incorrect". Upon terminating it with the task manager (the only way to get rid of the hung splash screen), Windows reports that DT Pro is no longer responding, and I'm given the option to forcibly end the program.

Before installing 4.12.0220, I was at least able to mount images by right clicking on the icon in the notification area, but after installing 4.12.0221, the icon no longer shows up.

What's gives?

25.03.2008, 14:55
Please, check your PM.