18.01.2004, 22:48
Operating System: Windows XP
Burning Software: None
Anti-virus Software: None
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.44 & 3.11 (happens on both)

I'm so incredibly confused. I've installed 3.44 on almost 5 machines now with different HW and SW configurations, and on all of them device manager will pop up after ANY application is run. You open IE, task man pops up. You open windows (on boot) it will pop up. You try to reinstall XP.. taskman will pop up. It's gotten out of control. I've tried reinstalling it, fresh install of windows XP, and after it installs I will get taskman popping up. All over the place. I've only been able to fix this on ONE computer when I go an error on install I just reinstalled and it went away. I've been able to get daemon tools to become functional, but this taskman is annoying to no end. It was the reason I formatted and installed windows. The instant I put it on, pow, task man all over. Even after uninstalling tools, task man pops up all the time.

All of these machines have windows XP home or Pro. I'm really confused by it, and I've tried uninstalling, reinstalling, redoing windows, and nothing ever works. These machines had burning software at all installed and no anti virus. One was even on a brand new laptop. I'm not sure what else I can say that will help, but there have been no consistent errors, all different. All I can say is it crashes during install on the two most recent machines. And the one that was fixed by reinstalling had errors on installation. Sometimes it takes running the setup 2-3 times before it's installed and a few reboots, but the program does eventually work.

I know on the laptop I installed it on had a hard time finding the driver for that scsci drive it installs (st3 something?)

Well I hope that helps, I've been trying to give you the most information possible but since I've gotten this on so many machines I don't think it's HW related.. maybe just xp I'm not sure.

One thing I forgot to mention is that they all had SP1 on them.

20.01.2004, 02:25
So what pops up: device manager or task manager? Never heard of such a problem before.

20.01.2004, 22:13
Task manager. With all the processes listed. After EVERY application loads including windows and windows setup when you try to reinstall. It's happened on multiple computers and it baffles me.

20.01.2004, 22:50
Open regedit. Browse to HKCR\.exe and verify Default=exefile. Browse to HKCR\exefile\shell\open\command and verify Default="%1" %*.