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29.03.2008, 02:36

hopefully the name of this thread didn't scare you away...

I'm having troubles with installing OFP, I have all the ISOs ready and when I attempt to mount the 2nd one, it does nothing...

My cdrom has been broken for a while, so I really need this to work...

Please help

29.03.2008, 02:39
And how you aquired the isos?

30.03.2008, 05:14
Oh, sorry.

I got them from the origional disks, and because I don't have a cdrom, I used my other comp's Cdrom, and pasted the individual drives as folders, and then used Magic ISO to compile them to ISOs.

I then mount the ISOs, and when I try the second one, it doesn't do anything. It says "Insert disk 2" and nothing happens...

Thanks for the Reply Blazkowicz.

30.03.2008, 14:32
Your Daemon Tools version? Also enabled auto insert notification?

Also note you can't play the game with iso files - so recreate them with Alcohol/Daemon Tools Pro.

03.04.2008, 10:05
Yes, the only way an ISO would work is if the protection was bypassed on the disc (not legal). And of course, this means that you have to goto other forums if this is what you have done.