View Full Version : BSOD after crcdisk - Tried everything

30.03.2008, 16:00
Hey all;
Ive had problems with DT in the past, but have always managed to fix them, but this is one that is stumping me.

Last night before i turned off my computer i saw that i had downloaded the newest version of DT and hadn't installed it yet, so i figured ok, ill upgrade. Went thru the process, and it askes you to restart, and instead of restarting i just turned off my computer so the installation could finish in the morning when i turned it back on.

Unfortunately i got a bluescreen after crcdisk. Sooo, i googled the problem, booted winPE and deleted sptd.sys from system32, hoping this would fix the problem. It didn't, although I think that might have been part of the problem anyways.

What else can i do?? are there any other dt drivers that might be screwing things up?

Using Vista.

Thanks in advance, if you could help i would be greatful forever because i have assignments on my computer that are due next week and i need to finish them!


30.03.2008, 20:05
try scandisk / chkdsk on the drive, perhaps its failing / has bad sectors / messed up files?...

30.03.2008, 21:09
Thanks for the reply;

I managed to boot into safe mode finally by repeatedly mashing the escape key when it got to crcdisk.sys, so its not a problem with the hard drive. I also have the minidump file, but have no idea what to do with it... Looked at it in notepad and that was useless =p

31.03.2008, 18:37
Search Google for "MS debug tools" and download from MS. Use Windbg (Windows Debugger) to read the minidump files. Or just post it here and one of us can examine it for you.

31.03.2008, 20:02
i think debugview (dbgview) from sysinternals can also read the mini dump files too...