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31.03.2008, 03:34
i downloaded the daemon4122-lite
and when trying to run the file it keeps saying invalid win 32 apllication

i'm using Windows Vista Home Basic
Pro : Core Duo CPU 1.73 ghz
RAm : 1024 mb
System Type : 32-bit operating

i tried also daemon347 and it also didnt work

so what i have to do

i tried running the app. by changing it's compatibility to
windows 98\me & run as Admin. and it didnt work either

plz help

31.03.2008, 16:54
daemon tools 3.47 + vista = bad bad idea

download problem (another user had this too recently)... try downloading using ...

(1) NO download manager
(2) a different browser
(3) a direct connection to the internet

also check download validity by checking the md5 signatures..