View Full Version : "Error setting path"

31.03.2008, 20:39
ive got 32bit Vistas and DT pro v4.xxxx and it worked well for couple of days
from some point it stopped working correctly and every time i try to mount something i recieve the error with setting path and i cannot update DT via its update features cuz it cant find i-net connection, seems DT refuses to communicate with my PC correctly.........:confused:

31.03.2008, 21:33
And which version have you installed of Daemon Tools Pro?

02.04.2008, 17:40
the version is 4.10.0218
i ve already tried turning firewall off and i keep all the crappy settings such as UAC turned off, reinstall didnt help at all which is strange

03.04.2008, 02:16
You should download the most current version and try again.