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01.04.2008, 21:30
I'm ready to buy DT Pro Advanced but have a concern after reading some posts here:

The computer I want to install DT PRO ADV to is NEVER connected to the internet and never will be. It is a computer used for business purposes and absolutely cannot be exposed to the internet for fear of viruses causing business delays. We do have a seperate computer which is connected to the internet for communications.

My concern is will DP PRO ADV work on the computer that is never hooked to internet. I read another post where DT will stop working if not connected to the internet after 25 days. If this is the case then I will not purchase DT PRO.

01.04.2008, 22:05
I have to disappoint you, but DT Pro is requiring internet access.

02.04.2008, 03:08
Customers are currently doing things like this with DT Pro but they will connect the computer every 2-3 weeks to the server and disconnect and return to normal again. And yes, it is good to read about any software before buying it to know if your network/web security issues make it unavailable to you.

02.04.2008, 05:09
That's too bad you guys decided to code it this way. Less internet connectivity is better IMHO.

02.04.2008, 08:31
most ppl are connected anyway, and its a piracy deterrent.. which opens up many arguments... but essentially it works, and while you may not buy dt adv because of it (which is a shame), many other people won't mind... so you're in the minority.. especially considering broadband is a lot more common nowadays than before... and the connection / check isn't that intensive anyway...

03.04.2008, 03:44
Well, what happens if you forget to plug in your computer to the internet for a few minutes? Does the program cease to work? How easy is it to rectify situation?

03.04.2008, 05:34
The program works 100% with no internet connection. You can be offline for 2-3 weeks or even longer until a message will appear telling you: you need to activate again before you can continue.

03.04.2008, 06:53
If I remember correctly, I have read somewhere that if activation cannot be performed after 2-3 weeks, Daemon Tools Pro will not cease functioning, but just switch to Daemon Tools Lite. When activation resumes, then it goes back to Pro.

Somebody please correct me if my memory is wrong.

03.04.2008, 10:22
Edit: MaLing was right with his post above (post #8)

04.04.2008, 06:42
Underheaven, thank you for your clarification.:)

04.04.2008, 08:24
Tray won't also load due to Activation System change.