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03.04.2008, 11:10
In arrangement with CD Freaks we present to you a user survey:

Top 5 drives
(April - June 2008)

Now its your turn to vote on the 5 drives you think are the best. You can vote for as many drives as you like. The poll will close on April the 7th and the 5 drives which poll the most votes will be added to the Top 5 devices table.

This only lasts 4 days, vote now

If everything works out perfectly, after this poll is closed, the results will combined with the CD Freaks forum results (http://club.cdfreaks.com/f61/top-5-optical-drives-april-june-2008-cast-your-vote-now-241802/). The final results will be posted on their website to help you make your next cd and dvd drive purchasing decisions.

03.04.2008, 14:21
I'm a NEC/Optiarc fan (currently still using a NEC 3520A), so my vote goes for the Optiarc AD-7200A ;)

03.04.2008, 17:44
I don't see any toshiba drives, so I don't vote.

03.04.2008, 23:45
I voted for the LG GSA-H62N which I like, but I would have liked to vote for my LG GH20NS10 which is much nicer.