View Full Version : Problems with the system tray - Vista x32

04.04.2008, 06:07
I'm having some problems with v4.06. I installed it, the process is running, but it isn't appearing in the system tray. I followed as many steps as I could in the thread about this, but the linked guide is geared towards XP and I was having problems finding analogues for everything they mentioned.

The process is running, it's under c:\program files, but it isn't appearing in either the system tray or the Programs and Features list. I've reinstalled half a dozen times, nothing changes.

Thanks for your time.

04.04.2008, 13:40
What about the current version, 4.12.3?

04.04.2008, 16:59
InternetLOL is probably using 4.06 because 'some people' recommend using it to get round blacklisting... the latest version is probably better, more stable and still not blacklisted, so upgrading would be a good idea for InternetLOL

04.04.2008, 23:55
Sorry, v4.12.3. No idea where I got 4.06 from.

07.04.2008, 11:02
Any strings about DT in system event log?
Did you try to kill daemon.exe process and then start DT again from desktop shortcut?