View Full Version : Display Adapter "Gone" after DT install

05.04.2008, 20:00
After the initial reboot during the install of DT 4091, the display adapter for my Compaq NC6000 (intel onboard graphics) is "gone" and the display has been jumpy/jittery.

DT works, but obviously there is a driver issue that has caused this.

I've removed DT completely, and am stuck with far poorer performance than before.

Where should I start?

Thank you for your help

07.04.2008, 11:10
I think you have to download the latest driver for your onboard video and install it. Then try to install the latest DT Lite 4.12.3.

11.04.2008, 16:10
When I try to install the ATI drivers, it tells me I dont have the necessary hardware.

When I rebooted during the initial install, can you explain what was added, as that was when the issue started.

I made the mistake of NOT backing up my registery prior to the install so I'm close to a point of having to reformat which is a huge deal.

I appreciate any help that you can provide.

11.04.2008, 18:00
Why won't you try to install Omega Drivers instead? :) It should work for your radeon 9600.