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07.04.2008, 18:28
I recently installed Vista on my drive, after setting up my programms and installing Daemon Tools I had to reboot, but it didn't really wanted to reboot as it should nomore. Everytime the screen with the loadingbar appears, it insantly reboots, not even a chance to do anything. Well, I've never had that problem on other systems and have absolutly no idea how to fix it.

Any chances someone can help me at this one?
Thanks in advance.

07.04.2008, 19:29
Could you boot into safe mode (pressing F8 before windows logo)? If yes press ESC when you see something like "loading sptd.sys".
When you are in Windows, open regedit, navigate to local_machine/system/currentcontrolset/services/sptd
and change "Start" to 4 (disabled).
Now do a reboot. Remove the registry key mentioned above completely (sptd key). It is possible you have to press first right on the key, permissions and give Everyone full access. Now you should be able to delete that key. Don't forget to delete sptd.sys in %windir%\system32\drivers.
Do a reboot. Then download latest SPTD installer (www.duplexsecure.com) and press install and do a reboot as the installer wants.

Also which Daemon Tools version have you exactly installed?

07.04.2008, 20:23
Due to the fact that I had a new system I already formated the whole HDD since I woulnd't lose any data.

Anyway, I was not able to boot in safe mode, even then it kept rebooting.

Well, you say to download the lates SPTD installed, I guess if I do that first, before installing Daemon Tools, it should work without problems?

I used the latest Version of Daemon Tools, atleast it was the latest at that date. It was the one before the new Version which came out on the 02.04

10.04.2008, 22:50
I had exactly the same problem...if when you boot you select "start with last good config" it should boot fine. Then you can uninstall the daemon tools and get the vista compatible one.