View Full Version : system tray hangs...

08.04.2008, 09:07
my DL system hangs right after i pick any option from the sys tray.. i've tried to reinstall it but it doesnt work:( im currently using windows xp w/ sp2 fully updated.
plz help:)

08.04.2008, 10:29
DL system?

Also which version of DT have you installed?

09.04.2008, 03:32
i was using daemon4122-lite i think, it was ok for a while, but then i started to have this problem last night.. after mutiable restarts uninstall and install for the 4123 the problem is still there
the only thing i did was playing dvd image which stored on an external harddrive which connected to my other computer by usb.. i read the image over lan, it was working fine...

10.04.2008, 03:28
You could uninstall SPTD then delete the services key from the registry. This will reset previous image mountings.