View Full Version : Unable to add adapter - Device Problem 37

16.04.2008, 22:23
Well, I saw a lot of posts on every other error ID except 37 (according to the search feature).

After installing DT Lite 4.12.3, I get the Device Problem 37 error.

I didn't see a resolution for the other errors either, except a recommendation to enable the Virtual Disk Manager service (but I don't have it).

Any help would be appreciated. I am not in the mood to reinstall windows either. (I tried 4.08 too, but it gave an error about the virtual SCSI thing). I had no problem with versions before this.

17.04.2008, 10:44
Logged in with administrator rights?
Which Windows are you running?
Already checked device manager for yellow exclamation mark?

17.04.2008, 15:53
Err ... oops ! Forgot the details.

Well, I am very much an administrator :)
Win XP Pro SP2 and it is not an admin right, I am not that much of a noob :P I consider myself quite fluent with hte PC but this is weird.

17.04.2008, 15:58
Hmm my previous post doesn't show up :confused:

Anyhow... I found a fix in another thread here a minute ago (but I lost it since I had to reboot). It was a fix regarding regedit tweaking where I edited the 'Start' var to 4 in the SPTD key in the CurrentControlSet and reinstalling daemon.

Hope this will help the others that have this problem.