View Full Version : Unable to set new drive letter ( and no the 2004 thread answer does not help )

10.04.2008, 17:50
my daemon tools just stopped working some days ago.. not sure if this is related to the new windows updates being pumped out lately or not..

using windows vista ultimate x64
daemon tools lite 4.12.3

the drive letters and the drive itself dissapeared from the list.. can't set new ones when trying the "Unable to set new drive letter" appears

under driver list manager the virtual drive has an ! sign.. says problem with reading the driver it's either missing or not working.. (code 39)

when trying to update driver and direct it to windows/inf as suggested in that thread it just says that it's already using the latest driver available..

and under the driver list it just shows cdrom.sys

when I was messin around I noticed the revision said 1.00.. when I hit the restore to default button it changed to 1.01 and I was told to reboot
but it did not fix the problem.. just thougnt I'd mention it :)

would really appreciate the help as I feel handicapped without daemon tools working :(


11.04.2008, 16:30
I do NOT have vista sp1.. just regular vista ultimate x64 swedish language...

18.04.2008, 03:52
Ok, I had put the posts in the thread: x64 Vista SP1, virtual drive isn't recognized but that doesn't apply to you :)

Hope someone has some ideas to help

19.04.2008, 11:04
any advise at all? :(

21.04.2008, 16:07
Hello w00tx.

Please, contact DT support team. Specify the topic's link in the letter and the topic name as a subject.