View Full Version : Won't Start

18.04.2008, 15:37
I just downloaded and installed the program yesterday. After installation it told to me restart my computer, so I did. When I open it up again it only gives me the option to Upgrade, Uninstall or Cancel. Upgrading doesn't do anything except tell me to restart my computer again. How can I get this thing to start? Thanks for any help.

21.04.2008, 06:20
The program runs as a tray icon

22.04.2008, 18:32
Even after I double click on the program nothing shows up in the system tray.

22.04.2008, 19:13
Do you see something in task manager when starting the app?

Also what windows version are you running?

23.04.2008, 00:19
I just see SPTD setup V1.56...It acts like I haven't installed it allow I have.