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19.04.2008, 04:14
Aye, I have this odd error.
I am running an Intel Dual Core, Win XP x64, DT 4.10.0218.
I have internet (otherwise posting here would be.... less evident), DT is completely set in XP X64 firewall, and Spyhunter.
Not a clue on how to proceed to obtain updates.
Is there a manual DL center, or any other way I can update?

Thank you all...

19.04.2008, 11:48
First download and install DT Pro 4.12.0223.

Also ensure your firewall is deactivated.

21.04.2008, 01:06
And doing this, will it keep my subscription?
As for example with Power Archiver, I had to buy me twice a new subscription, but atm, I lack the finances to do this with DT, and I simply refuse to get me a hacked version...
If I need to get a new subsription, I will have to wait until I can, financially...

Thank you.

21.04.2008, 04:42
Your subscription won't become deactivated no matter what you do, so don't worry. You can switch computers and everything, the activation system is pretty friendly. The only limitation is your version number must match the version you activated, so if you activate a new version you will have to redownload the latest install program as the old one won't work anymore. If you ever have a problem, just post in the support forum here and an admin will see it (but this is very rare, normally you will have 0 problems).

I think some people said firefox can subscribe to a forum somehow, but I'm not sure of the method. It would be this thread BUT updates are released to customers first, so it won't be announced sometimes in that public announcments forum until 7 days later sometimes.

21.04.2008, 07:10
One final question: in the dowload section, with XP x64 version, it does not mention IDE-drive support.
Is this correct?
Or does it support IDE-driver for XP x64?

And thank you all for the assistance :)

21.04.2008, 10:15
No virtual ide for XP x64.

21.04.2008, 12:43
also msg a forum moderator about your missing 'customer' tag...

22.04.2008, 05:08
Will there be a version that adds IDE-support for Win 2003/x64?
This would be very helpfull for us win 2003/x64 users too, you know... :)


27.04.2008, 01:15
No one?
It would be nice if someone could inform us 2003/x64 users on the IDE-support... :)


27.04.2008, 12:21

Are you using DT Pro 218 Advanced or 218 Basic?

Why you are using DT Pro 218 when DT Pro 223 is out?

Please post here a message or send support message to Disc-Soft:

28.04.2008, 00:40
Since 223 does not support x64 IDE-support, Admin.
I only have IDE-based written DVD's.
Stupid I made them so, but sadly, I did....
And now since I run x64 (XP dd not correctly support my CPU, making only one run correct), and vista having the suffocation problem, I choose for x64.
Do not be mistaken, x64 is an otherwise insane great OS!!!
But to be honest, why update DT Pro, if the IDE-support is not included for x64?
As my incredible father taught me: "Never fix things that ain't broken".
And 118 does a good job, besides the IDE-support....

So, Mr. Admin, the question now is: will there be later on IDE-support for my good DT? :)


28.04.2008, 10:32
ide based written dvd's?

the images made are NOT dependant on the interface of the source, so you should be able to mount them in dt's scsi drive with no problems at all...

28.04.2008, 10:44
I guess you're mixing things up.

XP x64 versions don't have a virtual IDE drive, only virtual SCSI drives.
Your real optical IDE drives are of couse supported by all x64 versions.

28.04.2008, 14:24
Are you using DT Pro 218 Advanced or 218 Basic?