View Full Version : DT Advanced incompatible with Vista 64

19.04.2008, 15:01
I just installed Vista 64 today, upgraded my DT license and tried to install DTPro4120223Advanced.exe. This gives me "the program or feature cannot start or run due to incompability with 64-bit versions of windows."

The installer for the trial and lite versions both start OK.

19.04.2008, 15:58
Does this message came from Windows or from DT itself/setup?

19.04.2008, 17:10
It seems to come from Windows; it pops up before the installer is started.
The installer is also not signed, and does not have the "details" of properties filled out. I've downloaded it twice to see if there was a transfer error. Could the file on the disc-soft site be damaged?

19.04.2008, 17:40
Just downloaded and the same hash when version got released.

MD5 : 161CDEB2E914A8C47774C1E60119F64D
CRC-32 : 132839CB

Have you disabled any download managers to download the app? Also tried with Internet Explorer?

19.04.2008, 21:25
No download apps, and tried with IE. But downloading it on another machine and moving it over worked fine; looks like IE was caching a bad version :(

Problem solved, sorry for the noise.

20.04.2008, 06:51
Sometimes it helps to clear your temporary internet files, and restart your browser in those cases. I always set any browser I use (normally Opera) to automatically clean up the temp files when shutdown. Helps to eliminate some of these situations.