View Full Version : ******** or Alcohol 120%? Which is better?

13.12.2002, 00:38
G'day all,

Well I've been trialling both ******** and Alcohol 120% now for a few weeks, and the time has come to make a decision on which one is better, so I can pony up and make a purchase... well... the trial periods on both software packages have expired, and I'll have to buy one if I want to keep backing up my disks. :wink:

Anyway both software packages appear to pretty much do what I want, primarily making .MDS files for Securom CD's, and making image files with which I can use with the most excellent Daemon-Tools. However I would like some input from the professionals out there who use this software on a daily bases.

So if you had to ( or have in the past ) choose between ******** and Alcohol 120%, which would it be and why?

BTW: At the moment I am leaning toward Alcohol 120%, because most of the interface with ******** is in German ( despite installing the "English" version of the software ) and unfortunately I can't read it. :(

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated, and taken into consideration for my purchase.

13.12.2002, 05:02
My personal favorite is ******** 2. I really like this product. Especially the Image Archiving function is great!!!

Anyway, meanwhile the english version is already out.. :)

14.12.2002, 16:23
Use Alcohol man, i mean ******** 2 is an easy-to-use prog for newbs, use alcohol instead. It's simple and powerful :>

16.12.2002, 22:38
Both soft have many similar features, but ALchol is positioned on professional market, while ******** is oriented on people with less experience. It is question of personal taste.

20.12.2002, 02:19

Well this decision has become a lot harder than I though. I realise that both software titles basically do the same thing, however I need to know if one can handle protections like Securom and SafeDisk better than the other. ( i.e. Have a higher percentage chance of making a copy/image that works. )

In other words I don't want to be in a position where I just laid out X number of dollars, only to find that the new software I've just bought has been defeated by the next version of Securom and/or SafeDisk making it useless.

I guess to know that, would require a crystal ball. :wink:

Anyway, I've decided to give BlindWrite a go for a while and see if that can deal with latest Securom protection and those .MDF files. If it works I'll just use that, if not I might get ******** as it's far cheaper than Alcohol 120%.

Finally, thanks to all above for your suggestions. :D