View Full Version : your spywares messed up my pc

21.04.2008, 22:56
I formatted my computer

installed: firefox, windows live messenger and daemon tools

I used to use DT before, so I didnt really read and unchecked the installation of the spyware

now I cannot enter 70% of the sites, receive popups
my pc is screwed

I unninstalled DT, but the spyware continues

I want ANYTHING to get this spyware away of my pc

you created the monster, you should kill him :)

22.04.2008, 23:57
When you UNCHECKED the adware-part, you did NOT installed
the adware (which you called spyware, although noone is interested
here in your system or private correspondence but only show you

Its like Blazkovich already explained above, plus: Why do you
not plain and simple UNINSTALL the adware/BHO?

You can do this simple by yourself, we did not created a monster,
but a nice bunny :D that you - in case you dislike it - can easily
remove. Please also notice therefore the important sticky
posts here in this forum from Alco!

If you then still have further problems, come back and post
here again and I will contact you and guide you personally
through the procedure to remove our bunnyware. What we
for sure NOT want - and I hope you believe us - is angry
users that think we want to take them on a ridge, this would
be sad for us too and would even harm our reputation.

Rest assured: Whatever problem you will have with our adware/bho,
we are here to support you and help you with all this probs,
so that you also in future can use DT without bad consciense
and love DT. Regardless if you support us with
our adware or not, thats why we made it OPTIONAL, you can
decide on yourself.

If that wouldnt be true, we would not try to help you but
delete this thread. Alot of people already use our ad-systems
and only minor problems occur (as with every software)

23.04.2008, 02:58
do you read everything everytime?
AI can bet you don't
at least with app you know and use to trust
I used others versions w/out problem
so I installed without thinking twice

if I had to CHECK the checkbox to install it, I wouldn't be here

btw, I couldn't unninstall the adaware
can you say to me where it runs ?
patch + reg for me to delete it?

23.04.2008, 22:55
simply go to "Control Panel" (Add/Remove and remove there you Advertising application)

Please tell me which pop-ups do you receive?
(from AdVantage application? You can easily remove it via "Control Panel")

26.04.2008, 13:38
do you read everything everytime?
AI can bet you don't
at least with app you know and use to trust
I do. I'm very paranoid about virtually anything I install. I always do custom installs and always verify everything that I'm installing. It's the reason why I never get adware/spyware/viruses/trojans/etc on my computer. Ever.

If more people would practice that, I'd practically be out of a job, though. So I suppose it's a good thing that people don't pay attention.