View Full Version : XP Prof freeze after Installation

21.01.2004, 12:34
Operating System: WinXP Prof Multilanguage
Burning Software: Nero 5.5, ISO Recorder(by Alex Feinman)
Anti-virus Software: etrust 6.0.102
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.44

Just registered DT. Until now I used DT 3.33 without Problems. After Upgrade to 3.44 with german.dll and change of HKLM...Run to "C:\Program Files\D-Tools\daemon.exe" -lang 1031 the explorer starts with a utilization of 97% to 99%. After deinstall it just works fine.
Is this a bug (or a feature)? :wink:

Greetings from Hamburg

21.01.2004, 15:04
What if you reinstall and leave language as english? Does this only happen when you change lang to german?

21.01.2004, 16:13

I tried, it works.
And: RTFM is as true as Hamburg is a nearby Lüneburg.
I think you should give a hint at top of the DOWNLOAD/Tools Translation section, that it is NOT necessary to change the HKLM...Run entry. So that gung-hoґs like me have no more trouble.

Forever and ever,

John from Hamburg

21.01.2004, 22:30
Language is controlled from exact key you mention. Language can only be changed via param to daemon.exe.