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23.04.2008, 02:40
I formatted my computer

so I installed windows, then firefox, then daemon tools
I allways do that, and I never had to pay attention on the installation of the DT, because I used to trust it

so I installed your spyware

now I have popups appearing all the time
70% of internet pages won't load

all because of it

I would like some fix, cause I unninstalled daemon tools and the spyware continues

23.04.2008, 09:02
Please, check your antivirus scan logs carefully. Are you sure the antivirus has detected a virus or spyware (not adware)?
We do not spread any dangerous software like a virus or etc.
There is only advertising optional module in DT Lite setup. This module can be detected as adware.

23.04.2008, 11:51
For uninstalling run control panel, add/remove software and check for AdVantage DAEMON Tools and remove that.

23.04.2008, 12:09
This looks like a double post:


28.04.2008, 11:05
I just discovered that too Reef, maybe he finds his answer in one of the many replies.