View Full Version : Vista 64 bit - missing cdrom.inf file?

24.04.2008, 07:03
I just installed the latest version of DT Lite on my 64 bit Vista machine. I'm having the problem of not being able to assign drive letters to virtual drives, so I searched these forums and found all the info I could. I've tried manually pointing the driver install to C:\Windows\Inf, but it fails to find a driver. Upon further inspection, there is no cdrom.inf to be found on my computer whatsoever.

My physical optical drives are working fine, and both list cdrom.sys - found in the Windows\System32 directory as the installed driver. I can't point the install to this file however, because it only allows me to browse for .inf files.

So do I need to get ahold of a cdrom.inf file from somewhere, or have I missed something important? (Google doesn't turn up anywhere to download it, at least not for Vista 64)

26.04.2008, 13:47
It should be in C:\Windows\cdrom.inf for Vista.