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26.04.2008, 00:16
Sorry for shouting but I am going nuts. I am running an Alienware laptop with very strange problems...
1) My DVD drive disappeared. I have a split drive and in windows explorer it only shows C and E drives but if I boot with the restore disk D Drive works.
2) In Device Manager the DVD drive always has a yellow mark and if I uninstall it windows does not see new hardware it just puts the drive back in the list with the yellow error mark on it.
3) In Device Manager there is also yellow error marks on:
Network adapters/Direct Parallel
Non plug and play drivers/parpoint
Non plug and play drivers/serial
4)For some reason all USB devices are now write protected.
5) Cacheman shows there is a 300 meg drop in available memory.
6) computor runs really slow
7) All system restore points disappeared now but even when they were still there I could not do a system restore.

I run AVG anti virus anti spyware every second day and it has found nothing. I also ran Systemsuite anti virus and it found nothing. I am going insane trying to find out what is wrong. I uninstalled daemon tools and removed the 3 files as suggested in another post but no change. Can anyone help? Thank you.

26.04.2008, 11:21
perhaps you need to install the motherboard drivers for the laptop?.. also , if you reinstall windows and NOT install daemon tools, are the devices present?