View Full Version : Athlon 64 - corrupted and slow install

21.01.2004, 19:54
Operating System: Windows XP home
Burning Software: None atm
Anti-virus Software: Norton
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.44


Im trying to make an install from an image...but its going extremely slow and the install is getting corrupted. Files are missing or have the wrong size, and not the same for every install. I know the image files aint corrupted since I have used them successfully on my old mobo/cpu with daemon tools aswell.

Ive been experiencing quite a few problems with this mobo/cpu sofar, harddisk trouble amongs others.

Could DT be affected by general disk problems or is there any known issues aith either the Athlon 64 cpu or the via KT800 chipset?

21.01.2004, 22:25
If you have disk problems they will for sure filter through to dtools.