View Full Version : DT pro agent hang

03.05.2008, 14:39

When i folow this page : http://daemonpro-help.com/index.php?id=tray

especially this part : "to open the virtual drive's properties, move the mouse pointer to the menu item with the corresponding drive and in the dropdown menu click "Device Properties" menu item:"

DT pro agent don't respond anymore. I have to kill it.

Set device parameters works fine, the "Device Properties" from DT pro works fine too.

I'm using DT pro adv 4.12.223, with french language, on xp sp2. The drive is a Virtual ide one, which is empty.

03.05.2008, 15:25
No problem here. Already tried to reinstall DT Pro?

03.05.2008, 17:57
After a desinstalation and a re-instalattion (a option ro reinstall the current version could be very interesting to have in such case), there is no change.

I Use juste 2 vIDE devices, no scsi one. The SCSI adapter is off.

06.05.2008, 11:03
Maybe there is some registry information missing if you used CureROM or YASU or safedisc hider utility. I guess the programers could find the problem if they compare the tray icon code to the main GUI code...

06.05.2008, 17:52
I have yasu in DT folder, but i don't use it. Curerom is not install on my computer.

I desinstall and réinstall DT pro, no change.

I restart my computer more than once, no change.

I still have this bug.

I set the language to english (i retry with german after), I kill all DT program, i run DTProAgent.exe, i clic on device properties : no change.