View Full Version : Password change feature in the online translation system?

06.05.2008, 13:48
Dear Daemon Tools team,

I miss the possibility to change my password in the online translation system (the "backoffice" solution). Obviously, there are far bigger problems in the world, but it would have been nice to have this possibility. :)

Could you take this into consideration?

08.07.2008, 00:45
Does anyone have any thoughts on this? :)

09.07.2008, 08:55
Write a support request from your account on disc-soft.com and they'll change the password for you.

09.07.2008, 10:47
I wouldn't like to have a password change request humanly processed. Then I'd rather keep my current one. The point of changing the password, is to change it to one from my personal pool of passwords, which I would never disclose to even family members.