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21.01.2004, 23:48
Operating System: Windows XP Home
Burning Software: Drag & Drop cd/dvd version 3
Anti-virus Software: pc-Cillin 2000 7.26
DAEMON Tools Version: Daemon version 3.44

as i have had problems in the past with defective program cd's I have some programs with multiple cd's that I have downloaded to my hard disk. The cd's have the designations cd1.iso, cd2.iso, cd3.iso etc. To install the program from the first disc is not a problem. I load it onto device 0 and then it opens up on my desktop. After I have installed the first disc, the install program asks for the 2nd cd. I do not know how to mount the 2nd cd so that the installation can continue. the only option in the install program is the ok button, or the cancel button. I have tried to make it work by using 4 virtual drives, and loading the cd's onto these drives; device 0--cd1;device 1--cd2 etc. this does not work. I would appreciate any help you can give me.
Thank you.

22.01.2004, 00:42
Just right click on the DAEMON Tools icon when you're asked for the second CD and mount the second image to the same drive (eg. if CD1.bin was mounted to F:\ then mount CD2.bin to F:\ as well). That's effectively the same as taking out the first CD and putting in the second one.

19.03.2004, 00:10
Operating System: XPPro
Burning Software: Nero, CloneCD
Anti-virus Software: Norton
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.44


I have kinda the same problem

I would like to burn a DVD with more than one cd image files and create a autoplay menu for this so you can run the image files by clickin in the autoplay menu :?:

Is there any way to make the image files autorun in deamon :?:


19.03.2004, 10:15
You can try Daemon Script (in our download section).

19.03.2004, 10:53
k cheers Copytrooper

I did allready download this program but didn't know how to use it

Can you maybe direct me to a tutorial or extra info how to use this prog


19.03.2004, 18:37
K so far so good

I can make a script now to load the image file in device 0

But when it mounts in Daemon it won't autorun altho theres a "AUTORUN.INF" in the cd image
(i tride different image's but theres non that will autorun on mount)

I could adjust the script to run the setup file in the image but that way it's linked to a specific drive in my case drive:J but on another system that could be another drive

(I have "Autostart" selected in the Daemon options menu btw)


19.03.2004, 19:19
Autostart option means, that Daemon Tools task bar icon autostarts - it has nothing to do with autorun. But you can define a program in Daemon Script, that runs after mounting.

19.03.2004, 19:41
could adjust the script to run the setup file in the image but that way it's linked to a specific drive in my case drive:J but on another system that could be another drive

I still have this problem

Daemon should run the image on mounting
if theres a "AUTORUN.INF" file in the image won't it ???

19.03.2004, 22:26
I disabled autorun by design. Imo (and others) it is more sensible for a script to run silently - i.e., without autorun. You can always add a RunApp command after mounting image anyhow.

20.03.2004, 03:27
Jah thru m8

Problem for me is that the setup file is in the iso
I ca only open the setup file thu the virtual drive to a file in the iso
And this drive can be different on any system

I cannot acces the setup file in the image i have to do tru the virtual cd drive

I hope i made myself clear :roll: kinda hard or me in English