View Full Version : Save as Default Device on Mount Broken?

12.05.2008, 00:34

Just thought I would post this, cause I have just came across the feature/problem.

When you have your images in the main DT window, and right-click > mount, you are given a window with a list of the available virtual drives and a check box saying Save as Default Device on Mount. Yet when I check this box, and click mount, it does not actually save the device.

If you close DT and re-open and perform the above again, your are given the same prompt.

I am using Windows Vista Home Premium 64 SP1, DT Pro 4.12.0223, SPTD 1.56.

12.05.2008, 23:06

100 view and still no reply?

Why are admin or support staff not looking anymore?

12.05.2008, 23:12
Well, you shouldn't push your thread. Also the staff is looking, but they also have to reproduce this issue and try things.

Not reproducable here. And you have done a double click on that image in image catalog and it still asks you where to insert?

Also do you see something Default Device related in image details panel?

You also have full permissions to X:\Documents and Settings\Username\Application Data\DAEMON Tools Pro\ImageCatalog\ ?

In properties.dat of that image, you should have:

and something like "DefaultDriveTargetID=1"

Do you have these after closing DT?

22.05.2008, 00:02
hm, just stumbled across this randomly, but I had the same problem.

As far as I'm aware, the problem is down to Vista not allowing you edit access to particular area's of the Windows partition.

The fix I did was to give myself permission to modify files in the Windows partition - after which I haven't had any problems in DT.

Open my computer, right click C:\ and properties.
Click security tab, then edit.
Select "Users", tick the modify checkbox (in allow, not deny, obviously :P).
Then ok, ok, ok, ok etc however many times are needed.