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23.05.2008, 17:12

Please add game titles in this thread you want to have a review of.

Please notice that they shouldn't be too old.

24.05.2008, 00:29
Ok, if you want suggestions, then might I suggest Culpa Innata. A recent adventure game (from Sept. 2007, iirc). Though adventure games do tend to take much longer to play through and review, so be forewarned. Personally speaking, I hadn't heard anything about this game until earlier this week, though I have been able to find a few reviews online about it.

27.05.2008, 15:26
so you'll write those reviews, bismax? What for? Are you getting paid to do so? :)

28.05.2008, 00:07
Don't expect me to answer that question ;) But believe me: I'm studying chemistry, I ain't have no time to do that in the next time.

07.11.2011, 14:53
I was trying to look up comments on the game "Battlefield 3" which was just released last month. And I don't even see it listed in the Game Database!
I hope I opened a brand new subject here. Fly at it people!

19.05.2015, 16:22
Are you getting paid to do so? :3

13.03.2019, 12:03
Ive seen the Coca-Cola Game Gear before, and I knew there was a game that went with it, but Ive never taken the time to look up gameplay. Great review