View Full Version : Installing DT causes Vista to stall on logout for ~10 minutes

08.06.2008, 15:02
Hi all,

I installed DT on a new laptop from Dell with Vista Home Premium (32bit). After that logging out (or rebooting or shutting down) takes around 10 minutes of wait at the "logging out" screen -- at first I thought it was a permanent freeze but then it just unstalled after a long while. This is a direct consequence of installing DT, I did a factory-restore, logout worked fine, installed DT, initial reboot was ok, and then after I finalized the installation the problem appeared again. Uninstalling DT or using system restore does not fix the problem. I did not notice any other issues, mounting an iso image worked fine for example.

This is with the latest DT, that is, DT Lite 4.12.3 with SPDT 1.56. The first try was after I ran windowsupdate, the later was on a clean factory-restored system.

Any help appreciated.

13.06.2008, 16:45
Do you have Dell EMBASSY suite (by WAVE) installed or any TPM software?