View Full Version : installed but doesn't run

12.06.2008, 16:39
I have daemon tools lite installed, but when I double click on the icon to run it, nothing happens...

I use vista home premium. any ideas?

12.06.2008, 17:24
nvm, I redownloaded with firefox instead of ie, runs fine now.

stupid ie.

12.06.2008, 17:33
You already checked the tray (next to the clock)?

Also which DT Lite version?

12.06.2008, 17:56
Unfortunately, I am now having a problem with antisecurom. I know this isn't an official Deamon tools program, but I was hoping you could help me out anyway :)

When I try to use it, it says USERENV.dll cannot be found. Anyone know how to fix this? Thanks!

13.06.2008, 17:54
Antisecurom is VERY very outdated. But you can still use it if your game is a few years old. What OS are you using and is it 32 or 64 bit?

16.06.2008, 19:36
64 bit vista home premium.

is there any other program I could use that isn't Antisecurom?

16.06.2008, 20:46
You could try YASU.

16.06.2008, 21:25
i don't understand how yasu works/what it actually does. i've searched around for a guide but can't find one; could somebody do me a favor and point me to one? thanks!

17.06.2008, 15:13
load yasu, click 'cloak devices'.. leave it running, play game, go to yasu click 'uncloak devices'... job done..