View Full Version : Program won't start at all.

14.06.2008, 15:22
I have windows xp. I downloaded daemon tools lite, and it clearly implied some sort of program was supposed to run. However, all it did was load up the web help page. How do you actually make the program run?

14.06.2008, 20:42
looked in the sys tray? there should be a little daemon tools icon there?.. noticed a new drive turning up in your 'my computer'?... please use the search button too... and look at the online help....

16.06.2008, 19:59
I have the same problem. I click on Daemon.exe, the hourglass blinks and then nothing.

I had the icon on the taskbar(which I prefer NOT to have there). I clicked it and got a menu but no program screen. Is there a tutorial anywhere?

16.06.2008, 20:47
DT Lite doesn't have a program screen. It only has a menu.

DT Pro does have a program screen.

16.06.2008, 21:35
Is there a tutorial anywhere?Please have a look at this (http://www.daemon-help.com/general_use_lite.html) section of DAEMON Tools Help (http://www.daemon-help.com/)