View Full Version : system crash when i disable drives

15.06.2008, 13:00
my windows xp system crashes when i set the number of devices from '2 drives' to '1 drive'. please help...

15.06.2008, 14:58
XP with which Service Pack? X86 or X64?
Daemon Tools version?
Security software disabled?
Do you have a minidump file available (e. g. c:\windows\minidump)? If yes, please upload it to some file hoster like megaupload or rapidshare and post the link here.

15.06.2008, 18:50
xp service pack 2.. x86.. daemon tools ver 4.1.. now im having an extra problem!! when i try to load an iso now the system is crashing!! :confused:

16.06.2008, 03:25
windows xp sp 2, x86 daemon tools ver 4.10...... now its become very bad... the system crashes when i try to mount an iso... :confused: i tried reinstalling daemon tools, but still the system crashed when i tried to mount the iso..... :confused: and it all started after i tried changing number of drives from 2 to 1!!

16.06.2008, 06:45
Update Daemon Tools to 4.12.3 if it's Lite version and if it's Pro Version update to 4.12.0223.

If that doesn't help, try to update to SP3.

Minidump file?

16.06.2008, 10:08
a few examples of the minidump files generated due to this...

RapidShare: Easy Filehosting (http://rapidshare.com/files/122796171/Mini061508-04.dmp.html)
RapidShare: Easy Filehosting (http://rapidshare.com/files/122796359/Mini061608-02.dmp.html)
RapidShare: Easy Filehosting (http://rapidshare.com/files/122796460/Mini061508-01.dmp.html)

16.06.2008, 16:04
Problem seems to be caused by drvmcdb.sys.

Try updating your Sonic software. If that doesn't help, try uninstalling the Sonic software and after a computer restart try setting drive amount from 2 to 1.

18.06.2008, 08:19
Im sorry. But what is this Sonic software?

18.06.2008, 08:22
Sorry just found a sonic software folder in my drive though I dont remember installing anything like that.

18.06.2008, 08:33
Realized that it came along with the camcorder software i recently installed. :) Incidentally the problem occurred shortly after that. Thank you for the help.