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23.01.2004, 04:52
Operating System: Windows 2000
Burning Software: Alcohol 120%
Anti-virus Software: Symantech Norton
DAEMON Tools Version: (Latest)

I do have a question for you guys...eventually lol
But my first problems, leading to the question are:
1) On my desktop, Ive enabled dragging, and dropping via IE.
And it still wont let me drag and drop...any suggestions
2) For some reason any time I click on a link that has javascript
in it, it doesn't seem to work at all..
(Ive enabled cookies, and js, on the system)
3) Most puzzeling problem, is:
Every time, I download a product that starts to install that uses
Windows installer....Windows Installer pops up, and then gives
me an error, saying "bla bla bla - Windows installer hasen't been
installed properly" So I try re-downloading it....and it doesnt work...
re-downloaded it again, still didn't work...
Any tips/suggestions? or does anyone have a link to an installer maybe one I haven't tried, I do believe I had the one for Windows 2000
And should I may consider re-installing Windows 2000?

Thanks guys

23.01.2004, 05:15
Just something Id like to add as well

Every time I click on
"Windows Media Player" or Music Match Jukebox, the install either errors and it says
"RPC Server unavaliable" , or it will say the same thing for allot of programs, I try and download and run...

Also, just as a note, I upgraded my PC, from ME, to Windows 2000, but I installed all the service packs etc... for Win2000, so I really dont see why Im having all this trouble