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16.06.2008, 11:13
Hi All

I have a problem with SPTD.SYS (I think)

Now I have read all about sptd.sys releated problems and know that I can skip it in start-up of safe mode (as I currently have BSOD in normal windows boot).

Unfortunatly as soon as I skip it I either get another BSOD or a restart :(

Now I have installed is XP service pack 3, so all I can imagine is that there is a conflict with this service pack, I can't remember what version of DT I'm running, but as I have'nt updated for a while I can only assume it's version 4 (maybe).

I'm going to install recovery console (as I don't currently have it) and remove the service pack, reboot, remove DT and reinstall SP3.

I could have it all wrong and it might be nothing to do with DT, all I can do is keep you all informed as to my outcome.

I apologise now if this is in the wrong section or this problem has already been addressed.

My machine is:-
Dell Optiplex GX620
P4 3.0 HT
1Gb Ram
ETrust Antivirus
Nero 6
(sorry but that's all I can remember)

24.06.2008, 15:23
If I understand you correctly, you get a BSOD when starting Windows in Safe Mode as well, after skipping sptd.sys. If that is true, it doesn't seem like SPTD could be the culprit.

Daemon Tools works well with Windows XP Service Pack 3 on my laptop here, so I don't think that is the problem either.

Personally, I would probably "re-soft" the computer (reinstall Windows and everything).

24.06.2008, 15:27
Could you upload a minidump (windows\minidump) to megaupload or rapidshare and post the link here plz, so we can help you which program/driver is causing the BSOD?

07.07.2008, 09:34
It was service pack three that was giving the problem, but it was unrelated to Daemon tools.

I apologise for posting my problem here as all my seraching led to daemon tools and sptd.sys.

It apears that I managed to dl a bad install of sp3 (from m$) somehow, anyway I shan't be instaling it for the time being until it becomes an automatic dl.

I uninstalled sp3 and all is well including DT.

Thanks for the replies, if I do actually get a problem with daemon tools I'll be sure to visit again :)