View Full Version : Writing Plugins for Daemon Tools?

17.06.2008, 03:11
Is there an SDK, or documentation, on how this is done? Or perhaps sample code? Where would I find this stuff?

I need to create such a plugin, and since I believe Daemon tools is the *only* CD emulator that even supports plugins (correct?) I figured I'd start here.

Can anyone point me in any sort of direction?

Thanks in advance...

17.06.2008, 04:58
This is available to companies only.

17.06.2008, 21:51
This is available to companies only.
Available to companies for a fee (in other words, the right to develop plugins is being sold commercially)? Just curious. There exists indeed interesting ideas for DT plugins.

18.06.2008, 11:06
unsure about the fee, but i think its 'linked' to an nda agreement signed between the company / person making the plugins and dt themselves, to protect their api's, intellectual property and so on.... releasing an sdk to the public could be bad in various ways - poorly coded plugins, malware riddled ones, and exposing the api for use/misuse by the protectionist people (though this was done before by jowood, who reverse engineered the daemon.dll and used its apis.. which then resulted in the 'secure mode' being developed by dt...)... swings and roundabouts.. cats and mice....