View Full Version : Crappy Roxio Drivers

23.01.2004, 17:04
Hi to all of you !

After reading about lots of problems with roxio drivers, and that one has them in one`s system even if no roxio software is installed, i would like to ask if there is a list of dll`s or whatever of windows mediaplayer 8 or/and 9 , so that one can clean one`s system from this.

Means because it is not possible to remove windows mediaplayer, if one would know all dll`s or .exe`s, one could remove this crap???

24.01.2004, 05:18
Look for roxiozap tool - it removes all drivers.

25.01.2004, 06:01
Thanks Venom386,

that they produce such kind of tool is funny. Pity is didn`t solve my Windows ME problem with 3.43 and 3.44. But very handy tool, maybe you include it in Daemon Tools Installer, ;-)

04.02.2004, 23:25
i also have WinMe on this machine (yeah, i know but it's surprisingly stable in my comp)...newayz, i just used the add/remove tool and just removed roxio. after it booted up, i installed daemon and it went off without a hitch. the other problem about one of the nerocd95.vxd that supposedly causes problems didn't.

*whew* i thought errors would start popping up once i installed it and feared i would have to reformat but i was relieved that didn't happened.