View Full Version : "outstanding open handles" error

21.06.2008, 17:42
When attempting to Set number of devices to disable get this error:
Device SCSI\CdRom&Ven_OB7542L&Prod_KBR858M&Rev_1.01\5&36e5972&0&000 has outstanding open handles.

One can click ignore and it will work, but it requires a reboot BAD!

This issue is not present in either "Nero ImageDrive" nor "Microsoft Virtual CD" neither of these require a reboot. Since those work and Daemon tools does not, I must assume it is a Daemon Tools bug. I do not want to reboot every time I switch it on or off.

Deamon tools has nice features and a good interface, too bad this bug makes it unusable for me. Thank you for the trial.

DAEMON Tools Lite 4.12.3
Win XP sp3
"Easy CD" was never installed
Nero 8 burning software

22.06.2008, 02:34
It is not bug - some program seems using virtual CDROM from DAEMON Tools and does not allow it to be removed. So you need check all applications and services running in background. It may also be some driver.